The Jeanette Hunt (Blair) Animal Shelter offers boarding services for dogs!  Spacious indoor kennels, large outdoor kennels, and 2 large fenced grass exercise areas will help make your dog feel at home.

Due to limited space, the shelter has boarding space for 2 dogs at one time, or a total of 2 kennels at one time. Please have your boarding dates ready when you contact the shelter to check for availability.

Multiple dogs can be housed in the same kennel space at the request of the owner. (There will still be boarding fee charged per dog.)

Fee: Our boarding fee is $12.00 (plus tax) per dog, per day.

Vaccinations: Each dog MUST be current on their Rabies Vaccination and Kennel Cough Vaccination (Bordetella) and free of parasites and fleas. Proof of each vaccination must be provided at the time of boarding.

Meals: Dog are given meals twice daily or per your instructions should your pet have special needs. We prefer the owners to provide food/treats.

Bedding: You are welcome to bring along your dog’s own bedding and toys. We can also provide clean bedding at no additional charge.

Bathing: For an additional $10.00 (plus tax) per dog, the owner may request bathing services. Dogs who are here for 7 days or longer will receive a complimentary bath. Baths will be given the day before pickup.

Contact the shelter at 402-533-2743 to schedule your boarding today!

* All fees and services rendered by the Jeanette Hunt (Blair) Animal Shelter are subject to state and city taxes.