“Just wanted to give you an update on Mitzy. She is very happy and adjusting well to her new home. She only hid for a couple hours and is very comfortable now. She even has gone over to visit grandma and had a blast exploring. Thanks for all you do.” – Karen Gruber



“An update on Hank, or as he is known now, Goofy. 🙂 He lives up to the name.. lol.. and is always in good spirits. Gentle giant, and a calm disposition. Gets along great with my older female lab, tug of war as well as wrestling lol. He’s very attached to my three kids, and they are very attached to him. He’s been a perfect match for out household and will have a long and happy life with us. 😀 Thanks to all of you at the Blair Animal Shelter for all you do.” – Goofy’s Mom



“I just wanted to check in and let you know that Dewey (we kept his name) is settled in great. He has three little friends and they are all just in love. We’re so glad we visited your shelter! Thank you!” – Patty Van Cleve


wilsoncat“He’s fitting in wonderfully! My daughter and Henry (new name) tired each other out by chasing each other through the hall, and now he’s cuddling up to us and marking us with his little full body rubs. I’m so happy with him!”- Emily Miller



“I just wanted to share a picture of Elsa. We kept her name, took her shopping and found out she loves doing laundry with mom. She has a new pink kickaroo and absolutely loves it. Thank you for letting us adopt Elsa!” – Sarah Price



“Tibby and Tally (formerly Annie)! Seriously the sweetest cats ever. We so appreciate all the work you do each day. Tibs and Tal are such a special part of our family thanks to you!” – Tressa Rosone


“Gracie is loving life as an indoor kitty💜💜💜love her.” – Chrissy Swanson-Maybon

“Kitters (formerly Pistol ) is loving his forever home and has made himself KING of the castle!!” – Rachael Kuhr

AsherCat“Wilson (formerly Asher) is a sweet guy! We are lovin’ him up at our house! Thank you for all you do!” – Sarah Hanson-Meier